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Media and recorded conferences

TV series: Zoom zen- Broadcast on the Réseau de Télévision Suisse (RTS) - L'altruisme efficace,

 5 December 2021 - 9 min.

Zoom zen is a tv series addressing philosophical question related to the news. In this episode, I present  effective altruism, its theoretical background, and defend it against some criticisms that might be addressed to it. 

Lightning Talks at Effective Altruism New York City -

''Supporte la vague: a new approach to international aid'', 11 February 2021, (12:00- 24:00) - 12 min.

Effective altruism New York City is a city-based group of effective altruists organizing different events related to maximizing the good. Lightning talks is an event of many 5 minutes talks followed by five minutes of questions. I presented my NGO Supporte la vague.

In this talk, I present the effective altruism's framework and the criticisms the institutional critics address to it. I then evaluate each of them to see how the ideas behind valid criticisms could be implemented in the effective altruism's framework. 

Podcast Éthique en pandémie - L'altruisme efficace

1st September 2020 - 90 minutes.

Podcast en pandémie is a podcast about ethical issues issues. I make an in-depth presentation of effective altruism, its theoretical foundations, its criticisms, answers to these criticisms, and the implications effective altruism. 

Student Colloquium of l'Institut d'éthique appliquée de l'Université Laval - Comment peut-on élargir la conception de l'efficacité de l'altruisme efficace ?        5 November 2020- 25 min.

In this talk, I present the effective altruism's framework used to think about effectiveness. I then present the criticisms that are addressed to this framework to identify ways in which effective altruism could increase its effectiveness by enlarging its conception. 

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