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Keven Bisson

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PhD Student
McGill University

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I am currently a PhD Student at McGill University under the supervision of Iwao Hirose. My master degree is on effective altruism and its criticisms. For my PhD I focus on an ethical theory recently developed  by effective altruism: longtermism. I am currently a research assistant for the Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Technology and Human Nature, the host of the podcast Parlons Éthique, a co-organizer for Effective Altruism Montréal, and the founder of Supporte la Vague, an ONG aiming at lowering the fees of remittances toward Africa. 

Research Interests

My strong interest in consequentialist theories and my inclination toward effective applied ethics led me to focus my research on effective altruism. I also have a tendency toward non-partisan positioning in debate that make me searching for middle ground between opposite positions.


In my master degree, I worked on the institutional critique addressed to effective altruism in search of a way to integrate the specific criticisms to the effective altruism framework to increase its effectiveness.

My PhD research is on longtermism: the ethical view that we should prioritize the interest of people from the future and the far-future in our ethical decisions. This polar position grounded in a pure consequentialist view leads to important ethical problems when not balanced we other ethical views.

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